Singing Power to the Earth – Seidr in Nature

Shamanic Voices, Cadair Idris Centre for Shamanic Studies and Sulis Shaman Present:

Singing Power to the Earth,
Co-creating the Future using the Power and Magic of Seidr

With Jane Shutt, Julia Crabtree, Christine Mark & Shenoah Taylor
Friday 2nd – Wednesday 7th June 2023
Llwyngwril, Gwynedd, Wales, LL37 2JQ

Be part of the Earth, let her into your soul.
Love her and know she loves you.
Be one together and live from the land.
Know that the land holds you true.

Honour the earth and the sea and the sky.
Honour the creatures of earth.
Honour yourself, a child of the land.
The land that gives us all birth.

Those who are not part of the Earth
Will not find the way through the Woods.
Their souls will be lost, they’lll never more live.
And, maybe, that’s all to the good

Can you step forward to teach and to hold?
To show the clear path to the others?
Can you live in the world without doing harm?
Can you live all as sisters and brothers?

Then take up your staff, the staff of an elder.
And set your foot on the path.
When the future storm hits
and the winds swirl you round,
Only love will shield you from wrath.

If you can do this, your spirt will soar
You’ll be part of the new worlds to come
In life and in death, in sunshine or rain
you will finally recognise home.

From Jane’s spirits, 2022, Amynedd

On the workshop we will explore how the craft of seidr can help us co-create different relationships with the land, ourselves and each other. We will ask for new ways of being in the world as we look to create new pathways and prepare for what the future brings. We will seek to understand and accept nature’s cycles of birth, death and rebirth in ways that strengthen and deepen our connection so we become one with, as opposed to separate from, the earth.

The practice of Seiđr is deeply woven into nature and while much of our sacred isle has been cultivated, wilderness still lives in the heart of the earth. This allows us to touch easily the essence of the Mountains, Sea, River and Forest and receive wisdom from the spirits of the land.

The beauty and wild nature of this part of Wales will support us as we journey to the spirits – both our own and the spirits of the land – to ask what they and we need to survive what is to come.

As we honour and nourish the earth we weave magic and beauty, asking for visions of hope and how we can support the land and how the land can support us.  We will explore how we can strengthen our connection to all that is, making the ancient practice of seidr relevant for the times we live in.

Working alone, in pairs and in community ritual we will ask the spirits to inspire our work and our hearts allowing us to step forward in love and confidence into our future. We will explore both the craft and the spiritual basis of the Seiđr tradition with special focus on the relationship between ourselves, nature, the song and the staff.

Working in nature in different locations, as we listen to the voice of the land, the energy of the waves and the flow of the wind, they will inform our voices as we honour the land. We will sing to the earth until we recognise that we are part of it and it is part of us.

The craft of Seiđr calls for a further deepening of our own spiritual traditions, experiencing the magic and ecstasy of spirit connection. Taking our seidr skills to new levels of understanding in order to experience ergi, we will work with song; gathering, holding and sending power and allowing the quality and harmonies of our voices to weave a new vision as we take up the staff and step into our future as Elders.

With the elements, the land, the rising and setting of the sun, the fullness of the moon and the power and energies of the natural world, we will step through the door into wild connection and discover the treasures and joy the practice of Seiđr offers the modern practitioner of this ancient tradition.

Most of the course will take place in Amynedd, the home of Christine and Jane, which is nestled at the foot of Cadair Idris Mountain; one of the highest mountains in Wales.

Amynedd, which means “Patience”, offers 10 acres of mountain side, woodland, streams and magical places to explore.

The village of Llwyngwril is in the Snowdonia National Park and is a few minutes’ walk from the sea.

The course is fully residential and all meals will be provided. Some of the areas we will be working in are accessed by steep inclines so participants need to be physically active.

This workshop is for those already working with seidr; to be considered you must already work with shamanism and have attended a seidr workshop run by one of the facilitators, Annette Host or an agreed equivalent. If you are unsure if your experience will enable you to attend please get in touch.

This stand alone workshop is part of a trilogy of seidr courses focussing on working with the earth and the spirits. It is suitable for past participants and for those new to Amynedd seidr workshops.

Cost: £750 – £825 depending on accommodation choice

If you have any questions prior to applying please email

To apply for a place please download and complete both the booking form and participant agreement and send them to
For booking form click HERE
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