The Gift of Song

Saturday 5th June 2021
This experiential online training is offered via Zoom

When sung with an open heart and a clear intent shamanic songs open the gateway between the worlds and enable us to be the walker between them. It is not necessary to sing in tune or to have a beautiful voice to work with shamanic song. The intention and the ability to get out of the way to allow the power to flow through us on song is what is important.

Shamanic song is a powerful tool for life and in shamanic practice. Both giving and receiving on song can change us emotionally, physically and spiritually deepening our relationship with the spirits, nature and the world. During this course we will explore different ways of working with shamanic song for ourselves and others. Learning to let power flow through us on song is also a good preparation and supplement for working with seidr.

The Gift of song is for those who have completed an introductory course in shamanism as well as those who have more experience. Participants need to have completed The Shamanic Journey course with me or another agreed equivalent. Please get in touch if you are unsure if your previous experience will enable you to attend or if you are interested but have not attended any shamanic training.

Song has been my main vehicle in my shamanic work for many years. It’s ability to bring healing, connection and deepening never ceases to delight and amaze me.

Cost: £50 – £75 Pay what you are able according to your circumstances, intallments possible
Dates: Saturday 5th June 2021
Times: 9.30am – 6pm UK – BST

To book a place –  please download and return the completed booking form download a booking form

If you have any questions or are unable to download the booking form please contact
Shenoah on 07941544961or