The Shamanic Journey – a path to healing, insight and empowerment

Shenoah Taylor –  Shamanic Voices –  and  Lisa Sture – Loving Lifes Magic -Presents:

Lisa & Shenoah Basic

Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th October 2019
Exeter Community Centre
Exeter, Devon

Shamanism is an ancient practice and a beautiful path of the heart which brings clarity, connection and confidence to life. At the centre of this practice is working with our own spirits to find personal empowerment and balance.

Working with shamanism can provide answers to important questions and help you make decisions about your next steps.

It offers new ways of being in the world which can bring deep healing, and connection with nature’s natural rhythms.

Participants will be introduced to some of the main ideas and methods used by shamans for thousands of years including song, dance, rattling, the techniques of the shamanic journey, and basic shamanic healing.

Core shamanism enables people to explore a path of individual and collective wisdom while discovering how shamanism can bring healing, insight and empowerment to daily life.

Cost: £125
Dates: Sat 19th & Sunday 20th October 2019
Times: 10am – 6pm both days
Venue: Exeter Community Centre, Exeter

To book a place – click on this link to download a booking form the shamanic journey October 19 booking form the shamanic journey October 19 booking form

If you have any questions or are unable to download the booking form please contact
Shenoah on 020 8993 8392 / 07941544961or

or Lisa on 01686 630717 or

What People say about this course
A truly amazing weekend!!! It was lovely to meet you both and the others sharing the weekend workshop. Spirit never fails to amaze me, such a wonderful journey with spirit throughout the weekend. Such beautiful energies.Thank you so much to introducing me to Shamanism….I know it will be part of my life. – Paula

Fabulous weekend! Beautiful and concise introduction to core shamanism, that answered all my questions and gave me everything I needed to take my first independent steps into the practice. Shenoah and Lisa were both so open, knowledgable and supportive. I met a beautiful group of people and have been welcomed into an active, supportive community. On a practical note, it was great value for money and beautiful space. Overall, highly recommended. – Holly

Shamanism was a new departure for me, and I had some hesitation, though everything seemed to be aligned for me to participate, and after speaking to Shenoah on the phone, I signed up.  I am very glad I did, as I cannot imagine a better-designed course with more supportive and experienced leaders than Shenoah and Lisa.   The programme was well structured, and guided, and everything clearly explained.  We were led into a range of activities which I would not have imagined possible.  All were encouraged to contribute their experiences to the circle, and feedback was compassionate, while specific and insightful, and I am sure that all, like me, felt supported in interpreting and learning from these new experiences.  There was a point a couple of hours into the course when a voice inside me said ‘these are good people, you can trust them’.  That’s the most important thing, really.  From that point on I just relaxed and went with the flow.  Lisa and Shenoah also provide clear guidance for continuing practice and learning.  Conclusion: if, like me, you wonder whether to take the workshop, I can’t imagine you will have a better opportunity to learn about Shamanism in practice, so put aside any scepticism for a weekend, and just do it! – Paul

I highly recommend this workshop led by Shenoah Taylor and Lisa Sture. Both have worked extensively with me and have also arranged my courses in England for several years The both have strong personal shamanic practices, are highly ethical, great at communication, are excellent teachers and a lot of fun to be with. By participating in their workshop you will be fully prepared to continue to explore shamanism. This is a great opportunity! Enjoy!  Jonathan Horwitz – Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies

For those who are curious about shamanic work or those deepening their understanding, this course will leave you with a greater sense of how this practice can be applied to your life in an immediate, accessible way. A treat of a weekend.  ~ Mina

Empowering fun, hands-on experimental course, with easy to follow instructions. Met my power animal and learnt to access the Spirit Realm. A course for beginners and like me a middle-aged woman who has sat on the fringe of shamanism all her life. Totally glad I went and did it! The course leaders were approachable and friendly and guided us all in a light and professional manner ~ Dawn

Shamanic practice is so beautifully uncomplicated – ask, receive, feel empowered. As someone who has felt powerless most of my life, this is a revelation and I am so amazed by how accessible the Spirit helpers are and how willing they are to connect.  ~ Julie

A great course for anyone who wants to explore self-development in a safe and supportive way

Powerful, fascinating course for beginners and also those with previous experience. Wonderful safe, nurturing caring space held for you to be your authentic self and for learning new things.

Fantastic, incredible and humble experience. Facilitators Shenoah and Lisa have been Divine Goddesses! I’m leaving with a stronger and deeper connection to myself and trust in the power of the Spirit world. The safety and containing of us all was phenomenal and I am taking away the REAL sacred value of how to continue an embodied and grounded spiritual practice. I’m stepping into my power and feel changed already!



Light in your heart