Turning of the Year

Shamanic Voices Presents:

The Turning of the Year
With David Scott and Shenoah Taylor

Deepening connection to nature and developing shamanic practice

The shaman’s relationship to nature is one of the foundations of shamanic practice.  Many people feel their strongest connection in wild nature – but wherever we live we are exposed to the sky, stars, sun, moon, seasons and elements every day of our lives. For this reason we can experience the power of nature and the deep wisdom it has to offer whether we are living in a town, a city or in the wild wild woods.

Path in the woods


This course opens up a deepening of connection with the power and wisdom the seasons, the weather and our local surroundings offer by exploring different forms and intentions for working with nature. It facilitates developing an ongoing shamanic practice and promotes personal discipline. It offers the opportunity to feel more connected to life and it’s resources and the course work creates a resource than can be used in the future to inspire your own work.



The format of the course
The course runs over a year (you can also join for 6 months) and is made up of five (or 3) meetings and ongoing work that we send you between the meetings. This enables us to work alongside the changes the seasons bring and the changes we experience in our own lives at different times of the year. In this way we can feel the rhythm and power of nature around us and become more connected to natures cycles and our own.



IMG_7074The meetings
Meetings take place on five (or 3) Saturdays over a year leading up to the Solstices and Equinoxes.  During the meetings we will do work both inside and in nature, using ceremony to give thanks for the teachings and experiences of the prevous season and preparing for the season to come.



Ongoing work between meetings
Between meetings you will receive ongoing and optional activities to help open the doors into the experiences and deepen connection with nature. You will be doing ongoing work every other week with a green area near where you live or work. There are also optional activities so you can do a piece of work each week if you choose. Some of the work is fixed by the cycles of nature – e.g. full moons. Other activities you can integrate with your own schedule.


IMG_7041Support from us
We will offer ongoing support and you are welcome to contact us between the meetings. There will be the option of online connections for course members where we can post, experiences, questions and photographs. You can be as involved, or not involved in these forums as you choose.


Can I join this course if I can’t attend all of the meetings
We suggest you attend the meetings as the experience of being there cannot be replicated. However previous experience has shown us that you will still get a huge amount from the work we send out if you are unable to attend all the meetings.  If you do not attend a meeting we will forward you the programme of work we completed on the day as well as the information you need for the upcoming season. There is no reduction in cost for people who are unable to attend all the meetings or choose not to complete the course work that is circulated.

IMG_6987Who can join the course

Prerequisites for attending this course is to have completed a basic course in core shamanism or have worked one to one with a shamanic counsellor and sucessfully journeyed to the upper and lower worlds and for someone else. If you are unsure if a course you have attended has given you the necessary experience to attend the Turning of the Year please contact us.



When can I join the course?
The course can be joined at any of the meetings during the year, you will need to sign up and pay for the cycle of one year. There is prepatory work to do before attending your first meeting so please get in touch well in advance if you are thinking of joining.

I am a member of LODG. The course is on the same day as some of the LODG meetings, what do we get by being on the course that LODG members don’t
Participants on the Turning of the Year course will work together as a group from 10am – 12noon. Lunch will be from 12 – 1pm. From 1-6pm we will be doing work which is both part of the course and also the seasonal LODG meeting. LODG members attending the afternoon will not receive the ongoing work throughout the year, or be invited to the optional group work between meetings or be part of the forums. TOTY participants do not have to pay extra for the 5 seasonal LODG meetings.

I have no idea what a LODG meeting is
The London Open Drumming Group is a monthly group that supports shamanic practice.  Please click the link above for more information.

Practical Information
Meeting Dates: 
 The course is made up of 5 (or 3) meetings which take place in the weeks leading up to the Equinoxes and Solstices:

  • Saturday 10th March 2018 – Vernal (Spring) Equinox Meeting
  • Saturday 9th June 2018 – Summer Solstice Meeting
  • Saturday 8th September 2018 – Autumn Equinox Meeting
  • Saturday 8th December 2018 – Winter Solstice Meeting
  • Saturday 9th March 2019 – Vernal (Spring) Equinox Meeting

Venue –  Vauxhall, London, SW10
Times – 10.00 am – 6.00 pm
Cost for the year for new participants – £375 (includes the cost of the 5 LODG meetings above) £190 if doing from March – September
Cost for the year for previous ToTY participants – £200 (includes the cost of 4 LODG meetings, the first one above already being included as the last meeting of the previous year) £100 if doing from March – September.

To book a place or if you have any questions please email me at shenoah@shenoahtaylor.com