House Clearing and Blessing

I offer house clearing and blessing services along with my shamanic practitioner colleague Andrea

House Blessing
A house blessing is a wonderful way to mark moving into a new home or to mark a new phase of life, e.g. the arrival of a new child, a marriage or other commitment.

House Clearing
A house clearing may be required if there is a sense something is out of balance in your home.  This may include not feeling comfortable being at home, a sense that there is something else present or unexplained phenomenon. Physical symptoms may manifest in disturbed sleep, bad dreams or unexplained illnesses such as deep fatigue, digestive problems,  headaches, muscular pain, depression, auto immune disorders and constant illness. House clearing works to resolve or remove what is causing the discomfort and illness and restore the natural balance.

How long will it take and how much will it cost
A house clearing or blessing for a one bedroomed house or flat would take approximately half a day, we would need to do preparation work ahead of the visit and there is sometimes follow up work. The cost depends on the size of the property and starts at £250 for a one bedroom property. Concessions may be available so please contact us if you are experiencing difficulties with your home but are unable to afford this amount.

Initial Contact
House Clearing –  email me a brief description of your experiences and how many rooms are in your home – please include any conservatories or garages. Please also let me know if you have a garden.
Blessing – let me know if the blessing is for a particular event or if it is a general blessing for the home.
Please email me at