11th April 2020 – Connecting with Resources

Different ways of connecting with known and unknown resources
Run by Shenoah and David

Information that was circulated – This meeting was done via Zoom due to the Covid-19 lockdown. In these changing times it is important to keep connected to our resources, at this meeting we will be exploring how we can continue to be resourced and connected, and perhaps find resources we were not even aware of, that we can tap into during these times. 
This is an opportunity to work in a different way so the lodg meeting will be held via Zoom and can be joined on a computer, tablet or phone. I have attended many Zoom group meetings over the past few years and it works well, technology definitely being one of the great resources at this time.

1st Journey – Intention – I am going to the lower world to ask my spirts for the help I need at this time.
Reactions to the lockdown have differed for individuals. Some enjoy it, others are finding grief, fear, anxiety and other emotions arising.  Some are unable to do the things that usually resource them, others find it difficult to connect. This journey is to receive the support no matter what our experience.

2nd Journey – Intention – Rattling and Singing healing for my resources (using a representation of myself)
We already have many resources, some of them we are tapping into and others we may not be aware of, or even see them as a resource. This healing journey is to be shown the resources we do have and to offer any healing work that is required for us to become aware of and re connect to others.In shamanism we are working out of normal time and space with the energy / etheric / non physical body. This is what makes it possible to do distance work and to also do work on ourself.  Song is vibration so is especially powerful when working in this way.You can do this work in a number of ways, in all of them you are working on your non physical body. This works best when physically rattling and singing as opposed to doing a lying down journey and seeing yourself doing it on a journey – below are some options

  • You can sit and perceive yourself in front of you either sitting or lying down
  • If you want do it more physically you can either perceive yourself or make a representation of yourself sitting in a chair 
  • or you can perceive yourself or make a representation of yourself lying down 
  • You can also do the work standing and perceiving yourself standing in front of you
  • some of you may find that during the work you find you are physically rattling around or touching your body with your rattle.

Before you start draw the outline of your body in your notebook. After the journey draw on your body what the resources looked like and what it was and how it felt.

3rd Journey – Intention – I am going on a journey to the lodg altar room to give and receive a gift
This is inspired by the work I have done with Sandra Ingerman. She creates a group altar room for each of her groups where anyone in the group can go to connect with the resources of the group and to give and receive a gift.  Prior to the meeting I did a journey to ask to be taken to the LODG group altar room. LODG has been meeting once a month for 23 years, that is a huge amount of community, energy, healing and resources available for all of us to connect to if we wish.
 I have also been inspired by the work of Daan Van Kampenhout with the Ancestors who are a huge resource to us.  We are alive now because our ancestors survived, they gave us life. Many of them may have lived through previous times of difficulty – such as spanish flu, plagues, wars – as well as times of abundance and ease. They know how to live well and get through difficult times and can support us as at this time. Whenever you need to feel resourced, offer a resource, or want to feel connected to lodg you can do this journey.

  • Ask your spirits to take you to the Lodg altar room – I was shown the lodg altar was in a clearing in a woodland. 
  • At each side of the entrance to the altar room stood two guardians, I saw them as enormous redwood trees (you may see the guardians in a different form). 
  • Ask the guardians for a cleansing from the elements – this could be earth, air, fire or water so you enter the sacred space cleansed.
  • Once cleansed go inside and take your place in the circle. You may see others you know, or you may not. Feel yourself part of the circle, you may hold hands or not, see how the experience unfolds. 
  • In the centre is the altar that is already full of many gifts, notice how it appears to you
  • Ask your spirits for the gift that you can leave on the altar for others in the group and go and put it on the altar – you are making a sacred offering, it could be food, a prayer, energy, trust what you are shown to leave
  • Step back into the circle and perceive your ancestors behind you, allow yourself to receive from them what you need at this time – it may be energy or something specific
  • When you have received from the ancestors go to the altar and ask for the gift that to help you at this time, receive what you are offered
  • if there is still time you can stand again in the circle and connecting until the callback
  • It may be that you spend more time with your ancestors and collect your gift when you leave the altar room during the callback
  • give thanks and come back.

We also suggested these follow up journeys may be helpful during this time

  • Healing I need at this time (this is a follow on from the help I need at this time)
  • What needs to happen for me to make the best use of this time (this takes the judgement out of what we think we should or could be doing)
  • Help me to feel at ease (with unease / at this time) – a powerful message that sometimes what is arising is not bad, but is arising so it can be healed / transformed / acknowledged
  • song to help me with … (anxiety / grief / joy / peace) – always good to have a song we can sing to help us when needed 😊

14th March 2020 – Spirits in the City

Connecting with the spirits in our home and in the city
Run by Shenoah and David

Information that was circulated – This month we will be working with the theme of Spirits in the City. Karen Kelly, one of the founders of Lodg along with David Scott, ran a number of lodg meetings around this theme and these days are the inspiration for this meeting.

Introduction to the day Most of us live in urban environments, a long way from the forests and mountains of traditional shamans. Many people say they feel their strongest connection in wild nature – but wherever we live we are exposed to the sky, stars, sun, moon, seasons and elements every day of our lives. Our ancestors knew of many spirits and faery people who chose to live with them in towns and villages and during this meeting we will explore how we can connect to the spirits in the city and in our homes. Please bring an object with you that represents your home.

1st Journey – I am going on a journey to ask what is the gift I am bringing from my home to this group
Repeat physical journey from home to Wheatsheaf venue in non ordinary reality, hold the object from home while you do the journey, put gift into the object during or at the end of the journey.   After the journey – One at a time everyone puts their object around the altar and names the gift.

2nd Journey – in Vauxhall ParkWalking journey to meet the spirit of London to ask for a teaching about connecting with the spirits in the city.
On your walk find an object to keep you connected with the teaching and the spirit of London

3rd Journey – In Vauxhall Park – Going on a walking journey to meet a tree to ask what gift I can offer the city

4th Journey – Going on a journey to meet the spirit of my home to ask it to show me where there is balance and imbalance – go through each room

5th Journey – Going on a Tunnel clearing journey to bring balance to (insert name of partner) home.
Go into your own tunnel with your spirits – they may do the work or ask you do do something, listen to what they say very carefully. Do not judge what is there, you may not know its significance, e.g spiders web – person may have spider as helper

8th February 2020 – Spirits of Nature

Different ways of connecting to and working the spirits of nature

Due to the venue double booking this months meeting will take place in Kew Gardens. We will be using different ways of connecting to and working the spirits of nature in Kew Gardens. 

1st Journey – walking journey to meet the Spirit of Kew Gardens to ask what I need to know about working in Kew Gardens. Starting under the canopy of the big tree at the start of the Pagoda Vista, before starting say ‘I come in peace, I come to learn, receive me well’ walk along pagoda Vista towards the Temperate House.

2nd Journey – in the Temperate House – meet a plant who is willing to share its song with you, learn its song and ask for a teaching about itself

3rd Journey – Walking across or standing on the Sackler Crossing – Connection or walking journey to ask for a teaching about a crossing (threshold) another option is to sit by the side of the lake and connect with the water and ask for a teaching about the water.

4th Journey – walking journey to find a tree and ask for a teaching from the earth

5th Journey – Connect to element, earth, trees. Ask for a blessing from the gardens for yourself and offer a blessing to the gardens

11th January 2020 – Connecting to the Elements

Insights from the Elements for the coming year

Information that was Circulated – In many traditions it is believed working with the elements can support us in life and bring balance and healing.
For the first meeting of 2020 we will be asking the spirits for insights into what is important for us to pay attention to in 2020. Using different journeying techniques we will be asking the elements for the help we need with whatever may arise for us in the coming year.

1st Journey – I am going on a journey to meet the spirit of one of the elements Earth /Air / Fire / Water to ask what is it important for me to pay attention to in the coming year – Sitting or standing rattling Journey with drum callback. Can start standing then sit if needed.

2nd Journey – I am going on a journey to meet the spirit of (one of the 3 remaining elements) to ask how it can support me with …….. (what you were shown in the previous journey, if you were shown lots choose one) in the coming year – Singing Journey, standing or sitting, can also rattle.

3rd Journey – I am going on a walking journey (in local area with or without rattling) to meet the spirit of (one of the 2 remaining elements) to ask how it can support me to maintain balance in the coming year

4th Journey – I am doing an acted out healing journey – to meet the spirit of (the final element) to ask for the healing I need at this time to support me in the coming year healing journey – with partner, 1 person does the journey 1 person is the witness, then swap over

15th June 2019 – Abundance of Summer

How the season of summer can support us in our lives
run by Shenoah and David

Information that was circulated – As we move towards the summer solstice we witness the fertility and abundance of nature as the spring growth blooms into a riot of green and colour.  At this meeting we will explore the relationship between the spirits, natural abundance and ourselves and how we can draw on the upcoming season to support us in our lives. We will be doing some work in Vauxhall Park

Introduction to day – Summer is often seen as a time of abundance, greenery, colours in nature, warmer weather, holidays. By working with the themes of the seasons we can come into the rhythm of nature and receive the gifts each season has to offer
Astronomical summer – In the astronomical calendar the start and end dates of summer are based on the changing position of Earth in relation to the sun and the resulting solar events of equinoxes and solstices
Meteorological summer – Meteorologists, on the other hand, define seasons based on climatic conditions and the annual temperature cycle.
Summer Solstice – In terms of daylight, this day is 8 hours, 49 minutes longer than on December Solstice. Summer ends on Monday, September 23rd 2019 

 1st journey – Journey to meet my teacher / helper be shown how the spirits understand abundance

2nd Journey Walking Journey in Vauxhall Park
Intention: I’m going on a walking journey to meet a tree (I know) to ask for a teaching about the abundance of the summer season

3rd Journey – Connection Journey in Vauxhall Park – can use rattle
Intention: Sun is the source of all life – Connecting with the summer sun to ask how I can use its energy in my life

4th Journey – Walking journey in Vauxhal Park to find an object
Intention: walking journey to find a power object to help me connected to the abundance of the summer

4th Journey – back at the venue
Intention – Going on a journey to see the abundance in my life through my teachers eyes

5th Journey In pairs – do a blessing for your partner to ask they experience the abundance in their lives that they were shown today, share and swap

11th May 2019 – Creation Myths

Exploring our own creation Myths
Run by Sally Ibbotson, inspired by the Medicine for the Earth book by Sandra Ingerman

Information that was circulated – Most traditional peoples have a Creation myth that unites and guide them and give them a sense of belonging. At this lodge meeting we will be asking spirit to show us our own personal creation myth. Central to this process is the dismemberment journey, a method that enables us to disconnect from this earthly story and allows us to more easily connect with our source.

Introduction to the day – Creation myths unites Societies and gives individuals a sense of belonging. It is seen as the Source so returning to it in thought or song or dance becomes a re-source. It could be a story or a central figure. The purpose of dismemberment is to more easily disconnect with this earthly story so we can experience our source or origin. Examples are being eaten, burnt, dissolved (elemental). Once dismbembered there is a rememberment. Need to work with a trusted spirit and trust the process.

1st Journey – I am going on a journey to ask my Spirits, what is it important to know about dismemberment journeys?
Find out how will it happen and how you will be re-membered.?

2nd Journey – I’m going on a dismemberment journey so I can experience my creation myth.
This journey had prompts using the drumgs to do the following
ask your spirits for dismemberment
ask your Spirits to show you your creation story
ask you spirits to re-member you

3rd Journey – I’m going on a journey to ask for an image of my creation myth

4th Journey – I’m going on a journey to ask for the song of my creation myth. Sing it whilst connected to source. So it is a re-source.

5th Journey – I’m going on a journey to ask for the dance of my creation myth. Dance it whilst connected to source.

13th April 2019 – Self Expression

Exploring what self expression means for us
run by Shenoah and David

Information that was circulated – Using journey work, images and ceremony we will explore what self expression means for us and ask the spirits to support us in expressing ourselves in the world today.  Although we will be asking the spirits for images as part of our work no artistic ability is required. 

Introduction to day – Self expression can be many things and can come in many different forms such as dance, song and art.. It can be used as medium for healing and support us to express our personality, feelings, or ideas. It can come as a one off inspiration or a form that is with you for a long time.

1st Journey – acted out journey
I am going on a journey to be shown / experience what self expression means for me

3rd Journey – partner work. Do a ratlle rattle healing for your partner for what stops them expressing themselves. Receiver shares, healer shares then swap over

3rd journey –   I am going on a journey to ask my spirits for an image or symbol that will help me express myself in my life (to keep me connected to my self expression)

Go and get the image, see the colours, how it is created, the energy of it, when you have the image come part way back and the draw it, after 10 mins the drumming will slow down and continue until everyone has stopped. Put all the images in the centre around the altar

4th journey – Going on a journey to ask my spirits: What are my next steps to have more self expression in my life

End with a blessing song and rattling over the images in the centre.

9th March 2019 – The Healing Power of Spring

Working in Vauxhall park with the healing energy of the spring
run by Shenoah & David

Information that was Circulated – Spring is a time when energy is bursting forth as new growth emerges from the earth,  sap rises in the trees and the sun continues to bring warmer and longer days. At the March meeting we will explore how we can use natures power at this time of the year for healing ourselves and others. 

1st Journey –  going on a journey to ask my spirits what I should ask for healing for when in the park

2nd Journey – Walking Journey in the Park
Intention: I’m going on a walking journey to meet a tree (I know) to ask for a teaching about using the power of the spring for healing (myself and others)

3rd Journey – Connection Journey in the park – can use rattle
Intention: I am connecting with new growth to ask for a healing for ….(what was shown in the first journey)

4th Journey – Walking journey in the park
Intention: am going on a walking journey to find something that needs healing or a blessing in the park – may take the form of energy / hands on / rattle / sing

On returning to the venue we did a group healing for a member of the group calling upon the energies and powers we had connected with in the park

9th February 2019 – Way of Council

Way of Council with Pippa Bondy

Information Circulated – I am delighted to announce that Pippa Bondy will be offering an introduction to her work with Council. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience council and how it can support us in life and our shamanic practice.  Council is a practice of speaking and listening from the heart. 
Pippa is a very experienced facilitator and this meeting offers an opportunity to experience the integrity she brings to her work and depth of practice that council can inspire. Sitting in Council is always a new beginning, no matter how many Council circles we have sat in.  

Pippa shared a number of different ways of working in council. If you are interested to find out more about the wonderful work that Pippa offers you can find more information here https://www.ancienthealingways.co.uk

12th January 2019 – Resourcing Ourselves in Changing Times

How we can support the earth, ourselvers and each other in changing times
Run by Shenoah and David

Information circulated – Human connection to and interaction with nature our environment and communties has changed considerably over time. These changes have lead to what many believe has gone beyond the point of no return in some areas. In this meeting we will explore our own relationship to nature our environment and communities to ask how we can support ourselves, the earth and each other in these changing times. As part of our work we will be doing our popular Wassailing ceremony in Vauxhall park so please bring clothes appropriate for whatever the weather may offer.

1st Journey – I am going on a journey to to ask my spirits for a vision of how I can support myself, the earth and others in changing times
may be shown one or more areas areas

2nd Journey – What resources does (insert name of partner) need to be able to manifest their vision
in pairs, 1st person tells their partner the vision they were shown. Their partner does a journey to their spirit to collect the resources from the spirit workd and delivers the resources by singing and rattling. Share and swap over

3rd Activity – Wassailing Ceremony in Vauxhall Park
You had to be there but there was singing, rattling, waking up and putting toast in trees and cider

4th Activity – Group Blessing – half the group sit in circle, other half stand on the outside and ask for and deliver blessings for the visions and resources of those sitting inside. Groups Swap over