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Many forms of shamanic healing, shamanic counselling and systemic ritual work very well remotely including working with song. Due to the current pandemic all appointments are being offered remotely via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or phone. You are welcome to contact me to see if remote work is possible for what you are seeking help with at this time.

Shamanic Song
When sung with an open heart and a clear intent, shamanic songs open the gateway between the worlds and enable us
 to be the walker between them. It is not necessary to sing in tune or to have a beautiful voice to work with shamanic song. The intention of the song and the ability to get out of the way to allow the power to flow through us on song is what is important.

In shamanism we invite a song to come to us.  We recognise it not as belonging to us, but allowing us to be the vessel that enables it to be heard in the world. The song may have words that we understand or may be spirit words that were given to us with a specific intention.

Shamanic song is a powerful healing tool, both giving and receiving a blesssing or healing on song can change us emotionally, physically and spiritually. Song has been my main vehicle in healing work for many years and it’s ability to create shifts never ceases to delight and amaze me.

This is a link to a connection song that was given to me by the spirits. The video is from the Aurora festival in Italy where I was one of the presenters.

Heart Wide Open – song of connection

This is a link to a song given to me by the full moon

By the light of the moon – song of coming home

You can hear more spirit inspired songs here

Seidr – Ancient tradition for modern times
The earliest accounts of working with song and the staff are from the Icelandic Sagas. They tell of Volvas – men and women who worked with the song and the staff – offering hope, healing and information to individuals and communities. They tell tales of power and of Volvas creating change for good, for destruction and foretelling the future. Within the Saga of Erik the Red the story of one such Volva called Thorbjorg describes her being sung on a journey to consult with the spirits while sitting on a specially created elevated ritual seat. She foretells the end of a famine and better times ahead for the community she was visiting.

While we can use seidr in the community setting to ask for change or information it is also possible to do lone seidr work. Working for ourselves or others using the song and the staff as the main tool to do the shamanic journey. The experience of journeying on song using a staff has a very different quality to working with rattles or drums. The quality of the journey, how fast we travel, how the information is offered, how we received it. It is a more interactive whole body experience.

I offer courses on shamanic song, the staff and the song and Seidr  – please see the courses and events page – and we have an annual community seidr – usually November – at the London Open Drumming Group.

Seidr for Communities – Travelling Spirit Singers
The Travelling Spirit Singers are a group of seidr workers offering seidr ceremonies, heaings, blessings and oracular / divinatory seidr for indiviuals, communities, organisations and events. If you are an indiviudal or part of a community or organisation that may benefit from this work or if you would like to discuss a group of seidr workers attending an event or running a workshop or ceremony please contact me at 

My seidr teacher Annette Host has articles on seidr and shamanic song on her website

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