The following feeback is from the Shamanic Journey course taught by myself and Lisa Sture

A truly amazing weekend!!! It was lovely to meet you both and the others sharing the weekend workshop. Spirit never fails to amaze me, such a wonderful journey with spirit throughout the weekend. Such beautiful energies.Thank you so much to introducing me to Shamanism….I know it will be part of my life. – Paula

Fabulous weekend! Beautiful and concise introduction to core shamanism, that answered all my questions and gave me everything I needed to take my first independent steps into the practice. Shenoah and Lisa were both so open, knowledgable and supportive. I met a beautiful group of people and have been welcomed into an active, supportive community. On a practical note, it was great value for money and beautiful space. Overall, highly recommended. – Holly

Shamanism was a new departure for me, and I had some hesitation, though everything seemed to be aligned for me to participate, and after speaking to Shenoah on the phone, I signed up.  I am very glad I did, as I cannot imagine a better-designed course with more supportive and experienced leaders than Shenoah and Lisa.   The programme was well structured, and guided, and everything clearly explained.  We were led into a range of activities which I would not have imagined possible.  All were encouraged to contribute their experiences to the circle, and feedback was compassionate, while specific and insightful, and I am sure that all, like me, felt supported in interpreting and learning from these new experiences.  There was a point a couple of hours into the course when a voice inside me said ‘these are good people, you can trust them’.  That’s the most important thing, really.  From that point on I just relaxed and went with the flow.  Lisa and Shenoah also provide clear guidance for continuing practice and learning.  Conclusion: if, like me, you wonder whether to take the workshop, I can’t imagine you will have a better opportunity to learn about Shamanism in practice, so put aside any scepticism for a weekend, and just do it! – Paul

I highly recommend this workshop led by Shenoah Taylor and Lisa Sture. Both have worked extensively with me and have also arranged my courses in England for several years The both have strong personal shamanic practices, are highly ethical, great at communication, are excellent teachers and a lot of fun to be with. By participating in their workshop you will be fully prepared to continue to explore shamanism. This is a great opportunity! Enjoy!  Jonathan Horwitz – Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies

The following feedback is from attendees at the Society for Shamanic Practitioner Conference in 2012 where I led the Plenary Sessions each morning on songs of change – using different ways of working with shamanic song to support change in our lives.

“Beautiful, confident, empowering, excellent role model for working authentically with spirit and enabling others”

“Shenoah held the circle so beautifully freeing everyone to open their hearts and song”

“Shenoah’s quiet gentleness is very powerful and truly prepared people for the day before them”

“This was fascinating and the energy generated was phenomenal. Shenoah is a very special teacher I feel. Thank you”


“Gorgeous, beautiful, uplifting and helpful”

“Absolutely wonderful. Loved Shenoah’ gentle way of working to being about a powerful connection with spirit”

“Beautiful, a natural teacher”

“Shenoah was clear and knowledgeable, very encouraging and the session was fun”

“Shenoah delivered with clarity and direction”

“This stuff is new to me and outside my comfort zone but it opened my heart in a new and fascinating way”

“Inspirational…found a new way to communicate with spirit”

“What a beautiful and unexpected connection with spirit, sincerely moving”

“Loved this, found it really uplifting”


“Very deep and moving. Shenoah is great! Clear, focussed, well held and presented with style”